21:00 | TUESDAY | 15/08/2017 Mukang Fields

Mukang Fields are a ‘space jazz’ trio combining analog and digital synthesizer, drum machine, conga, tenor sax and MoogSub37 synth to create a unique space-based groove to satisfy those looking for anything from shoegaze to funk.

By combining analog, digital and organic sounds, they create a final sound that is more than the sum of its parts, bridging cutting edge technology with sound musical science.

Drone synth oscillations on the Jupiter T Analog Snyth matching both key and rhythm, the songs originate from chord progressions built on the AniMoog app on the iPad, to beats written on the DM1 app. Add Tenor Sax as the lead, Congas for rhythmic groove and the MoogSub37 on bass, sprinkle in a few space effects and it becomes an astral jazz cocktail.

Come check it out!

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